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Your Freshest Hair Yet - By Emily White

12 October 2021

Does your clean hair seem to fall victim to a greasy, oily scalp? This is a very common issue that often leads to over shampooing, which in turn causes the ends of your hair to get drier and lackluster. If this sounds like you, the all new Specifique Divalent system...

How to reduce oil in your Scalp and Hair between Shampoos - By Emily White

11 October 2021

If you notice your hair gets oily really quickly, or you just want to extend the time between washes, here are a few tips to help

  1. Cleanse your hair accessories regularly, this includes any brushes, combs and clips. You can’t keep your hair clean with dirty tools! Soak items in warm,...

Trending Hair Accessories for Summer 2021

3 June 2019

By: Kim Seaglund

This summer is BIG for hair accessories and hats! Hair accessories are a fun way to finish off your style and can be changed from day to night just like your makeup and hairstyle! What are some of the biggest trends in hair accessories this summer? Headbands...

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