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Raquel Welch Wigs

Message from Raquel:

Over the last eleven years since I started the Raquel Welch Wig Collection, I've witnessed enormous advances in technology that have allowed for countless improvements in the coloring, fibers, construction and wearability of our wig products...which means that they are lighter, more natural looking and more user friendly than ever before.

It is my aim to help you achieve whatever hair style you desire and to change your look and color on a whim...if you so choose. Women change their minds often, that's how we keep 'em guessing. So we should be able to change our hair at a moments notice. And it's easy!

What fun to be alive when the new age in wig making is keeping up with our iPods and Blackberries. It's a whole new world for today's woman and her hair. Join the fun and step into “the look” that you've always wanted...with one of my wigs. People will never know you are wearing one!

Raquel Welch wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions help women find confidence and self esteem. Raquel Welch has built a hair empire by empowering women. This beauty icon understands if you like the way you look, you radiate the beauty you feel! As an actress Raquel has spent most of her life in a profession where the art of beauty is serious business, but she is more than just a pretty face. Raquel Welch is passionate about her wigs, offering new styles every season to keep up with current hair trends and working with the world's best designers to create relevant, realistic looking styles for today's woman.

Eva Gabor Wigs

It’s creating a style all your own. Modern in your approach and experienced in your taste, your lifestyle only deserves the best. The GABOR® Collection personifies the woman you've become and the way you live today. A unique collection of wigs for your lifestyle, created with every detail in mind. Hand-tied tops, comfortable caps, natural looking color gradients and so much more…so you always feel confidently beautiful.

Do good. Look good. Feel good.

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