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Once inside Salon Karma, your experience begins with a warm welcome from our staff and Owner Kim Seaglund. Whether you would like to unwind and relax in our loft area while you wait for your stylist; or you would like to book in your next few appointments, your experience will be peaceful and enjoyable and you will be well taken care of.

In our upstairs loft, you will find offerings of coffee, tea, water, soda, wine, and snacks; a perfect complement to any salon treatment. The salons glamorous details are reminiscent of Old Town Bluffton's charm. At Salon Karma, our goal is to provide you great customer service while in a fun but relaxing environment that is unpretentious and inviting.

Each appointment starts with a personalized consultation by one of our trained stylists. During your personal consultation, we work closey with you to identify the hairstyle and/or hair color that is best suited for you. We take into consideration all aspects of your service. We look at your individual features as well as take into consideration your lifestyle, hair condition, and maintenance regiment. In the consultation we talk about your final look and everything in between. We encourage you to bring in inspirational pictures and any questions you have because our goal is to educate you on how to achieve the look you want and what it takes to get there. We pride ourselves in the portfolio of work we keep by taking a before picture, an after picture, along with our inspiration picture of what our consulted end goal is in mind. You can choose whether you would like it featured on our pages or even emailed to you for your personal profile picture. What better time to take a new selfie then when you're looking your best! If you would like your image private, no worries there as well. Just let your stylist know and your secret is always safe with us.....lets face it, those celebrities don't ALL have amazing hair without extensions!

During your service, you can connect to our Wifi, browse our large selection of Oribe, Kerastase and Matrix products or simply just enjoy our loft and snack bar. As your service is completed and you're feeling knowledgable about how to maintain your look, our friendly staff will close your visit by answering any other questions you have, getting your next appointment set up and providing you anything else that will make your service complete. Please don't forget to ask your stylist about our loyalty program as well! You can earn Karma Koins and spend them just like free money in the salon on all your favorite services!

We look forward to seeing you in Salon Karma.

Do good. Look good. Feel good.

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