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How to reduce oil in your Scalp and Hair between Shampoos - By Emily White

If you notice your hair gets oily really quickly, or you just want to extend the time between washes, here are a few tips to help

  1. Cleanse your hair accessories regularly, this includes any brushes, combs and clips. You can’t keep your hair clean with dirty tools! Soak items in warm, soapy water for a few minutes to help break down any buildup and then manually clean with a small scrub brush to remove any oil or product residue.
  2. Use the flats of your hands to shampoo, instead of fingertips to avoid sebaceous gland stimulation.
  3. Apply dry shampoo onto freshly cleaned, dry hair to stop oil production and buildup before it starts.
  4. This is probably the biggest one, try not to run your hands through your hair! It may be hard to quit but you will notice a BIG difference!!

Do good. Look good. Feel good.

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