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Salon Karma Admin - Friday, March 21, 2014

Wonderful Q & A from an Oribe magazine of introducing their new travel size line:

Hair written by: Adam Livermore, Oribe Educator 

How should you wear your hair on a plane so that when you finally arrive at your destination, your hair is good to go?

Fly with a comfortable style that instantly transforms when you get off the plane. Before you leave, apply a little Creme for Style to dry hair and put it into a few chunky braids, then wrap them around your head and pop a slouchy hair on. While you're flying, the heat from your head will help the product set your hair in loose, sexy waves that you can shake out easily when you land. 

Planes are notorious for drying out hair. How do I keep my tresses moisturized?

Airplanes are inadequately pressurized and full of very dry recoiled air that desiccates both your skin and hair. Anne Hathaway told me that she once smoothed Signature Moisture Masque into her hair and then slipped a hat on before boarding a 23-hour flight to Australia. She said when she arrived, she had the softest silkiest hair of her life. It's a genius idea. Any kind of moisturizer would be great on a plane, like Supershine or Gold Lust. 

How can I revitalize and refresh my hair after a flight?

If you already have product in your hair, spray your roots with Foundation Mist to reactivate it. Another way to freshen up your style is to flip your head upside down, spray a generous amount of Thick into the hair and run a brush through it. Then flip your head back up and shake it out. Add a little Cote d'Azur to cut static and neutralize any odors. You'll have beautifully volumized, fresh-smelling hair instantly. 

What are some styling tips to keep in mind while one vacation so you're not spending all your time in the hotel room doing your hair?

Keep it simple. If you're somewhere warm and beachy, claw through your damp hair wit ha little Surfcomber and just let it dry into beautiful waves. Otherwise, a chic bun or twist always looks good if you need a more sophisticated look. A savvy traveler always has a great hat handy, and a beautiful scarf. If you just tie it around a low side bun, it's instantly chic. 

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