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"To go short or not to go short".... That is the question.....

Salon Karma - Monday, February 25, 2013

"To go short or not to go short".... That is the question..... Sure Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry rocked the red carpet at Sunday's Oscars but can you?? The answer in most cases in my opinion is "yes".... Granted you keep in mind a couple things.... sure face shape and hair texture are factors to consider (your stylist can discuss that with you if unsure) In most cases a good short cut is wash and wear... Ladies this doesn't mean flying out of the house with a latte in one hand and a baby or briefcase (or both) in another with soaking wet hair and expect it to look great...because let me tell you sister... It won't!!!  Or if you think getting away with a trim once every 3 months is all you need... Wrong again!! Short hair required frequent cuts (every 4-6 weeks max) to keep it looking fresh... last thing you want is to look like Dorothy Hamill circa 1976! A great styled short cut still involves a hair dryer and a couple good products. I have been a life long short haired gal and have tried a bazillion products.... But it always looks best no matter what I use is a good foundation product to built the style such as a mousse or lightweight gel or styling cream depending on hair texture (again.. I won't confuse you, your stylist will prescribe what you need) In my opinion its always blown dry to either build volume and/or smooth... Can use hands or a brush... maybe a skinny flat iron to finish...A paste to bring out the texture in the cut and a hairspray to hold the style no matter how hard or soft of a hold you desire. Sounds confusing?? Well.... it's not once you get into a routine. I literally spend 10 minutes drying and styling on the days I shampoo and I think it looks fabulous and finished no matter if I wear smooth like Anne or fun and textured like Halle... Now only if I was a size 2 like them.... Guess we can't have it all :) ... But  what I know is we can have fabulous hair no matter what shape or size we are. It just takes a great cut and a little practice!  

Sayonara for now, Khristina 

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