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The TRUTH about box HAIR COLOR!

Salon Karma Admin - Saturday, June 20, 2015

In life, you can only be certain about a few things. The sky is blue, there are 24 hours in a day, there is a sun and one moon for earth.  We could make a strong case that ketchup makes pretty much anything better. But I think we can all 

agree on one thing: Jennifer Lopez has NEVER, EVER bent over the sink with a box of $7 haircolor getting her red carpet look ready. You might find it tough to believe while walking down Targets aisles with the endless aisle of boxes; 

All covered with famous stars and models with perfect hair staring back at you, convincing you it’s easy, but trust us. DON'T do it!

Attempting to color your own hair with a box will have two outcomes: 

1.) You will end up with orange hair because EVERYONE has underlining pigment that needs to be enhanced or controlled. 
2.) You will end up having to spend lots of money at the salon fixing it. (It's now called CORRECTIVE COLOR)

So you ask yourself, why spend the money???

First off, our stylist is formulating the color specifically for you. It requires a bit of science and understanding of the color wheel. Stylists not only know the in’s and out’s of your specific hair type, but they know how to work with the underlying pigments of your hair and how to manipulate the color to be perfect for YOU. Everyone’s hair is different, and what works for Jennifer over there, might need additional formulation for you in order to compensate for the differences in your hair.  Haircolor results will be based on your current color, the texture of your hair and the porosity and health of you hair.  Also SO many times, you DON'T need color all over, it just needs to be applied at the new growth.  Let us do that for you to avoid dark bands or uneven tones in the hair.  

The box color could not be more opposite. Any given box needs to deliver the color on the front to literally ANYONE’s hair. That means you, Jennifer, and the next person who picks up the box are all getting the same formulation, 

despite completely different textures, tones, color resistance, and what color is in your hair now!   Box color is also extremely strong, increasing the likelihood that it could damage your hair. Not to mention, color this strong will be much 

harder to remove. So if it turns out bad, you are in a bad situation to start correcting it!  It can be incredibly drying to the hair and that leaves the hair unpredictable for the next round of color. 

As tempting as the savings and ease may seem, you could end up paying more than triple the cost of the initial salon coloring to fix whatever disaster you and that $7.00 box have now created.  There’s also a good chance you will loose 

length and pliability in the salvaging process.  There's also even a better chance that you will have to even wait to have the disaster fixed because your hair will be so compromised!  The chance for error is more than favorable and is 

very expensive and time consuming to fix, so trust us; you’re better off leaving the coloring to the Salon Karma! 

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