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Professional Opinion: How often do you really need to get your hair cut?

Salon Karma Admin - Thursday, April 03, 2014

This week, Danielle Keasling, owner and stylist at Salon Karma in Bluffton, gives us tips on how to grow our hair long and strong.

Question. How often do you need to get your hair cut? Does that time frame vary for people with thicker or thinner hair? Does it need be trimmed more often if it's color-treated? If you're trying to grow your hair long, are there ways to make it grow faster?

Answer. It's advised to trim your hair every six to eight weeks to avoid split ends. Many things factor into split ends. Hair color and heat appliances such as your blow dryer are the biggest culprits, followed by your at-home hair care and regimen.

Let's talk about heat. Heat is one of the biggest enemies of hair. Heat can cause the hair to become weak and eventually lead to split ends. You can help avoid split end damage by purchasing dry shampoo and using that between washings to prolong your shampoo and style.

Try to shampoo and restyle every other day to every three days. Therefore you're blow drying less -- the less heat the less damage.

You can also invest in a professional hair dryer, such as Hot Tools, TIGI's Pro dryer, or Sam Villa's ionic hair dryer. Professional hair dryers dry the hair from the inside out using ionic technology. This protects the hair and dries it at a more even consistency. Store-bought dryers dry the hair from the outside in basically boiling the water off the hair. The price difference can vary but typically professional dryers start at $100, whereas store-bought can be as little as $20. You definitely get what you pay for in hair dryers.

Haircolor can also play a part in split ends. To prevent split ends ask your stylists about ammonia-free color and make sure they avoid pulling permanent color through your ends at every visit.

Be sure to ask your stylist for recommendations on products that can help improve split ends such as L'Oreal Professional Absolute repair cellular spray or TIGI's Hair Reborn Nocturnal night repair. Both can help mend split ends and help prevent any further damage.

If you are getting your hair colored regularly, it is best to come in for hair trims every five to six weeks.

Fine hair is more prone to split ends as it lacks the support coarse hair has. The structure of fine hair is less dense and intact, resulting in more damage or split ends.

Make sure to check out Wet Brushes. They put less tension on the hair due to their flexible bristles and are wonderful for combing out fine hair and children's hair. (Your kids will not be screaming in tears when you brush their anymore.)

Growing out your hair? Keep it trimmed but make sure to tell your stylist you only want a light trim. The more you go in for light trims, the fewer split ends you will have. When you have fewer split ends, you lose less length.

The reality is if you trim your hair more regularly, your hair will grow out faster because you have fewer split ends to cut off. Your hair grows at the same rate whether you are getting it cut or not. It's when you have split ends that you lose the length to breakage and the stylist has to cut more to get the "dead" stuff off.


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