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Karma Kittens.... Behind the Story

Salon Karma Admin - Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Karma Kittens  (Behind the story)



As Owner of Salon Karma, everyone knows me as hard working, loyal and patient.  I guess you could definitely say I am all of the above when it comes to animals.  

When I moved to the south in 1998 from Minneapolis, Minnesota I quickly realized that the warm weather down here was a huge factor in the feral cat population.  I have never in my life seen so many stray cats!   I am a HUGE animal lover and I think every animal on the planet deserves a loving, warm and safe home.  I wish I could save them all.

A couple weeks ago I stumbled across my third litter of Karma kittens since owning Salon Karma for the past two years.  Our salon is located in Old Town Bluffton, SC in an area with many restaurants (meaning lots of dumpsters.)

In our area we have a very large feral cat population.  Feral cats are basically cats born in the wild from the start.  They act more wild then domestic kittens but when you can catch them young they have a better chance of adapting into domestication and loving homes.  

I saw these four kittens from across our parking lot one night a few weeks ago (I SWEAR I have crazy X ray vision for strays!)  They looked like little mice from my balcony at the Salon.  I have a trap myself and put out a post on Facebook looking for more.  Palmetto Animal League (PALS) an organization Salon Karma helps to raise money for, and a local client both donated their traps as well.  We set the traps and caught three in one night (during our holiday customer appreciation night! ....I was sneaking out checking the traps in between greeting clients!  ) It took us an entire 4 more evenings to catch the last one but she finally took the bait!  I caught mom in between twice but had to let her back out since there was still a kitten on the loose!  We now have the trap zip tied open making mom comfortable to eat in it until we can schedule her to get spayed also.  

So all four feral kittens are now learning how to be house cats!  ( In the comfort of my master bathroom.)  They are going through kitty socialization, have gotten two of three vaccines and have all been altered (spayed or neutered)  I originally had them in a kitty condo in our bedroom but four in one cat condo was a lot!  I was in my bathroom saying to myself wow, the glassed in shower would be great because they have more room, they cant get out, and they cant hurt themselves.  SOOOO, before my husband woke up one morning I made the move into overtaking our master shower!   They had a lot of room to play and I could even put the cat tower in there for them.   Everyone LOVED it on Facebook!!!  ;-)  They have now overtaken the entire bathroom. 

I have become incredibly attached to them already in five short weeks so I want to find them really good homes.  I have no officially names for them but they definitely have VERY distinct personalities!!!!    The head honcho or lead of the pack is nicknamed Street.  He is very dominant!!!!  He is by far the hardest to socialize and may make a great indoor/outdoor cat as I do not think (for as much as I believe ALL cats should be indoor only..... my 4 are!) he will ever not want his independence.   He hisses a lot because he’s just in that habit but has NEVER struck me or tried to bite.....he’s to little.  He just thinks he’s bad;-)   

Then we have the last one I caught.  I call her Strike.  She recently discovered her claws and can muster up enough energy to get you once with her claws.  Then she becomes a sweet pea and melts in your hands.   Again, its just the instinct.  When she finds a loving home and is comfortable, I am sure she will turn into a angel. She’s the only female of the litter and is the smallest  

Then you have Bear.  The black one.  He has a round head and round beady gold eyes.  He looks like a black bear cub.  SOOOOO sweet.  He purrs every time I come into check on them.  He also feeds off of the chaos of the other ones and occasionally will throw out a hiss but it is VERY rare.  He is just a sweet sweet baby and no matter what, I HAVE to find him a GREAT home!!!!  He is the biggest purr baby of the group and I always catch him purring when I hold him or when his siblings are grooming him. 

Last but not least there’s Sidekick.  He is a total “follower.”  He doesn’t have an opinion of his own but he takes on which ever kittens personality he’s around.   Once I pick him up and cuddle him he melts.  He’s the second biggest of the group and he likes to meow.  

They ALL CAN be domesticated but need homes with people that know cats and are patient.  They are about 12-13 weeks old now.  Every week I get more attached but every week we make more progress with them.  They are definitely not the sweet kittens you may pick up that have been handled in a home since birth but they have great potential.  To me they are a great challenge and I LOVE that I know they have so much to be thankful for because their futures are going to be SO much brighter then living on the streets. 

Please spread the word on these four babies.  I want to try to find the best homes out there.  They deserve it.....even if they don’t quite know it yet! 

Danielle Keasling

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