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Fun Facts about stylist, LAUREN AJLANI!

Salon Karma Admin - Friday, January 17, 2014

Name: Lauren Ajlani

Birthday: January 14th

Favorite color: Baby Blue

Languages spoken: English 

What's your favorite place on Earth? Anywhere with family.

What are your hobbies? Painting & jewelry making

When you're not at Salon Karma, where can someone find you? Relaxing at home with my husband, Amir. 

What's one thing no one knows about you? I'm pretty much an open book. 

What's your favorite movie? Any romantic comedy. 

What are you specialities in hair? Multidimensional color, women's & men's cuts, keratin treatments. 

How did you become a hairdresser and how did you know you wanted to be one? It's artistic and makes people feel good about themselves. 

Who in this industry inspires you? No one in particular, I get most inspired by seeing successful stylists (like at hair shows) and learning new things from them or learning new things from anyone actually. 

If you were not a hair stylist, what would you be? A nurse in a delivery room to work with babies, an animal trainer for exotic animals, so monkeys wouldn't bite me, or a preschool teacher (obviously I love little kids and animals). 

What is your favorite hair style and color? Right now Julianne Hough's right about the shoulder length layered bob. Any shade of red, I'm a little bias. 

What celebrity icon do you think sets a standard for our industry and why? Mostly actresses in general because clients with different styles are looking to different actresses because of their age, face shape and constantly changing looks. 

What music inspires you to work? Anything but Florence and the Machines pandora, haha!

What are your goals for the next 5 years? Make dat MONAYY! (jk, not really though). I would just love to keep constantly building my clientele. 

Where do you see yourself retiring? Tropical island!

If you were given $1,000 tomorrow what would you do with it? Buy furniture for the house I will have!

If you were give $100 tomorrow what would you do with it? Really, I would put it towards savings, but if I'm feeling less boring buy a cute sweater or make up. 

Who is your favorite clothing designer? Free people. 

What is your favorite nail polish color or look? Coral because it's soft and looks good on everyone or just dark polishes for a more sophisticated sleek look. 

What is your favorite makeup look? Natural beauty played up. 

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