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Fall Is The Perfect Time To Change Your Haircolor

Salon Karma Admin - Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Written By:  Falecia Mize


Get prepared for this fall season which brings brightness and charm with it. When leaves start to change into colors yellow, red and brown, we feel the urge to change our own look. Though the weather is not warming up anymore, the colors of our hair will be. Between these shades we choose yellowish blondes, browns and reddish shades. 

If you are a blonde and want to change your hair color this fall, you can choose from several shades of blonde. Golden, strawberry and platinum blonde are the most popular choices to give your current blonde a little kick. Dirty blonde is also a popular choice. It can be worn by anyone with medium to cool skin tones and if you want to warm up your complexion you can add some lighter blonde highlights. Golden blonde is the brightest and glossiest hue between the blondes. It's very warm and can warm up any cool complexion, it also looks great on medium skin tones. Strawberry or honey blonde is a very subtle and alluring shade which looks beautiful on blondes and redheads. It is a favorite among celebrities who wear it with pleasure. This hue looks best on cool complexions and really brings out the beauty of green eyes.

If you are a brunette and want a fresh color this fall then we can offer you several nice and warm shades of brown. The best options for fall are dark or chocolate brown, espresso, reddish brown and chestnut brown. Dark brown or chocolate brown is a very rich hair color having several dark hues of browns. It has a lovely warmth that makes your hair look healthier and fresher. Medium to dark skin tones are well suited for this shade. It goes beautifully with dark eye colors and makes them pop. Espresso brown is a beautiful darker option of brown. It is very lustrous and shiny. This shade is very deep and rich. If you would like more of a reddish brown tone this fall, we can help you with an all over auburn or incorporate highlights and lowlights to created a beautiful dimensional effect. If a more natural brown is what you are looking for, a chestnut brown is just for you. Chestnut brown is great for natural brunettes and is a very subtle color choice for fall.

For the redheads and those who would like to be a redhead, there are some beautiful shades to choose from this season. Copper is a very vibrant and captivating shade which looks charming on natural redheads and women with warm to cool complexions. This color will surely grab some attentions. Burgundy is a bold and dark shade of red that is coveted this fall. It is best suited to women with dark to medium skin tones. If you are naturally dark, burgundy will look fabulous on you.

Fall is the season for change. At Salon Karma, our main goal is to perfectly create the look you want. Call to book an appointment with one of our experienced and knowledgeable stylists / Matrix Educators to discuss your new fall look perfected with Matrix color.  843-757-5762

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